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Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Car TMPS Led Light Tyre Gauge or Wireless TMPS Pauge

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Product Description

Introduction to the TPMS working principle
This product contains a receiver and four sensors. The sensor is installed inside the tire (built-in) or on the valve (external). The sensor measures once every 30 seconds the tire pressure and temperature inside tire, when vehicle speed is more than 15 kilometers per hour, and the pressure sensor is normal, every minute to send out a signal; when sensor detects abnormal pressure or temperature, alarm signal will be sent out immediately, when receiver receives alarm signal , automatically beep sound alarm. The icon will flash onscreen , to remind the user to observe status of tire, and make timely treatment and take necessary preventive measures.

Sensor technical parameters
1.Working voltage: 2.3V – 3.6V
2.Frequency: 433.92 M Hz
3.Pressure measurement range: 0 – 450 K Pa
4.Temperature measurement range: -40 °C – +125 °C
5.High frequency modulation: FSK
6.Transmit power: 7.Built-in sensor life: 7 years (2 hours per day)


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